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Earwigs Pest Control Services by A'Africa

Earwigs Pest Control Services

Earwigs can quickly infest a garden and home if they are not promptly removed. These fast-moving, slender, brown or black outdoor insects have two pairs of wings and forceps or pincers that protrude from their abdomen. Their pheromone trail allows large numbers of other earwigs to follow them. 

Signs of an infestation: Earwigs typically bite ragged holes into leaves, and scatter excrement around. They are especially common after rainy weather.

Risks: Earwigs may look intimidating, but they don’t spread disease, carry poison or harm humans. However, they cause significant damage to household items that are high in cellulose or fat content. They will feast on foods found in the kitchen, or on stacks of books or newspaper. They sometimes attack living plants, vegetables and fruits.

Control Measures: A'Africa Pest Prevention offers a range of fast and effective pest control methods that target specific earwigs without posing a risk to your plants, around your family and pets.

DIY: Prevention is the best course of action. There are several DIY methods to prevent earwigs, including creating a bird-friendly garden, creating oil pit traps, and using alcohol to control earwig infestations.



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Aftercare:  A'Africa Pest Prevention provides guaranteed pest control solutions as well as advice to help prevent future infestations. We will visit your property as often as needed to fully resolve your pest infestation.

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