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Bee Pest Control Services by A'Africa

Bee Pest Control Services

Bees are crucial in nature, as they pollinate plants and their numbers are decreasing around the world. However, bees can also be dangerous, especially when they build hives in homes, schools and other places where they sting children or people who are allergic to bee stings.

Signs of an infestation: Bees are usually docile and solitary, or part of small groups. However, during certain times of the year, bees do tend to swarm.

Risks: The main risk that bees pose, is potentially fatal stings to people with allergies.

Control Measures: A'Africa Pest Prevention offers a range of fast and effective pest control methods that safely remove bee colonies as well as any remnants of the combs or honey that may attracts migrating bees in future.

DIY: Whenever you treat bee infestation in your home or building, please avoid using poison to kill them. Bees should be relocated to an area where they pose no threat to humans. If you remove the hive, it is still important to hire professionals to treat the structure or container properly in order to remove the attraction it holds for bees.



Contact Us: Do you suspect a pest infestation? Get in touch with your nearest A’Africa Pest Prevention branch.

Get a Quote: Book an appointment with your local A'Africa Office to discuss your pest problem. If necessary, we will complete a survey and provide you with a free quote and recommendations.

Solutions: Once you have accepted the quote, our pest control technicians will come out to your property to apply the selected treatments at a time that suits you. We pride ourselves on providing a solution that is safe for your children, your pets and for the environment.

Aftercare:  A'Africa Pest Prevention provides guaranteed pest control solutions as well as advice to help prevent future infestations. We will visit your property as often as needed to fully resolve your pest infestation.

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