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Mole Pest Control Services by A'Africa

Mole Pest Control Services

Garden moles typically move into gardens from banks and woodlands adjacent to your yard. Since they are good swimmers, water does not prevent them from migrating in search of insects and worms.

Signs of an infestation: Moles heaps on fairways, and formal gardens are typically the only sign of mole infestation.

Risks: Moles heaps and can spoil lawns, fairways, sportsgrounds, formal gardens, turf and flower beds. As moles tunnel through the soil, they cause damage to roots and young plants. When they expose debris and stones that can damage lawn mowers and other machinery. 

Control Measures: A'Africa Pest Prevention offers a range of fast and effective pest control methods that target moles without posing a risk to your family and pets.

DIY: Most people use old wives tales to get rid of moles, such as pouring castor sugar down the tunnels, or flooding the tunnels with a hosepipe. There is no scientific support for these methods. Instead, reducing weeds and moss that are food sources for earthworms can help reduce food for moles and encourage them to migrate elsewhere.


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