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Bird Pest Control Services by A'Africa

Bird Pest Control Services

Birds can enter homes and commercial properties through damaged roofing or loading bays, and lead to property damage and the spread of disease. Proactive bird control measures can help ensure that your business is protected against the risks posed by pest birds.

Signs of an infestation: It’s usually easy to spot the signs of a bird infestation, which might include birds settling on ledges and roofs. You might also notice feathers and other nesting debris, droppings and you may hear bird noises. If birds nest in store rooms, stock may be damaged due to fouling or pecking.

Risks: Birds carry a number of diseases, including salmonella, psittacosis, fowl pest, E.coli, fungal infections, and bird mites that can bite humans.

Control Measures: A'Africa Pest Prevention offers a variety of tried and trusted bird deterrents that deliver long term, effective results. A technician will provide a solution based on the bird species, location, access method, and area of application.

DIY: The best way to avoid a bird infestation is to remove access to food sources and nesting sites.

Contact Us: Do you suspect a pest infestation? Get in touch with your nearest A’Africa Pest Prevention branch.

Get a Quote: Book an appointment with your local A'Africa Office to discuss your pest problem. If necessary, we will complete a survey and provide you with a free quote and recommendations.

Solutions: Once you have accepted the quote, our pest control technicians will come out to your property to apply the selected treatments at a time that suits you. We pride ourselves on providing a solution that is safe for your children, your pets and for the environment.

Aftercare:  A'Africa Pest Prevention provides guaranteed pest control solutions as well as advice to help prevent future infestations. We will visit your property as often as needed to fully resolve your pest infestation.

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